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Givers Never Lack

It’s quite a common phrase that holds a lot of truth. Giving begins with showing kindness to our fellow human beings. That act whether small or big will never go unrewarded. Our universe acts in unique ways. If you feel the need to give, deep from your heart, it is always good to obey it.

When you share something with another person, it shows them that you really care about them. While giving, don’t debate with yourself whether you are doing the right or wrong thing. Don’t keep track of the number of times you have given. As a matter of fact, give and move on. You might never know when you get paid back, so you’ll torture yourself by waiting for a reward.

Kindness and generosity build up our character. We prepare ourselves for bigger rewards, at times even greater than all our giving efforts put together. Many of us who have given at some point in life are already familiar with that inner happiness and joy received when we touch someone else’s heart.

Indeed, we don’t have to give something that we own or purchased. We could act as a bridge between well-wishers and those who we feel need someone’s help. For instance, staging a platform that helps others get jobs, trace their loved ones, offer mentorship or counselling, is still a form of giving. It isn’t confined to material things.

Consider offering someone guitar lessons without charging them. If you are good with the guitar, demonstrating the notes to a person who’s always wanted to learn wouldn’t be too much trouble for you. The story changes on the other side though. It’s a pretty big deal for whoever learned from you since they will never forget the lessons. Also, your skills will remain intact. What about the smile and excitement on their faces? It’s simply priceless. The thought of having helped them is itself rewarding, particularly when accompanied by a “Thank you so much for teaching me.”

An important thing to note about giving is that “it is never about the giver.” This leads us to several questions. What motive do we have while giving? Do we do it to make ourselves feel good? Is it because we feel we are supposed to give? Keep in mind that giving is a matter of the heart. We should understand that it is never about us, and the sooner we do, recognizing our rewards will be much easier.

Givers are forever blessed as they are freed from greediness. They are able to develop and sustain long-lasting relationships with other people. Moreover, rewards from the act of giving are received without end.

Starting now, find that space within yourself where you can feel for other people. Give what you want to give to them without thinking about how the act will help you. Don’t get offended when no appreciative words such as a “Thank you” come your way. The universe is always watching and it never forgets kind acts. Do give because it is the right thing to do.

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