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 As much as I love to present exclusive, motivational and thoughtful designs, I would like to take a moment to talk about Cjays Apparel, where the idea to start a  design business came about and who thought of this bright idea to bring Cjays Apparel to life.


   At just the tender age of just 9, I, Chiji Okoye became fascinated in computers. I spent most of my day asking questions about computers, looking inside the computer systems and always wondered how computers worked. My mother always told me that I was also good in creating great artwork (not just saying that because she was my mother) and I never believed it until she showed me when I turned 13. As I began to look at my own work, I asked my mother why do you like these so much? She answered with, “although this artwork is not what a lot of people would like but  the concept you put behind it; people will grow to love. You are ahead of your time.” I grew up in an average home in Africa where my mother was a tailor and teacher, which is where I got most of my concepts from. From there on, I began creating more artwork, with innovative and cultivating concepts along with it. As I grew older and my passion for designing grew stronger, I decided to take the next steps by entering computer designing school. At school, I was introduced to some designing tools, illustration and photoshop. I looked at myself as a novice but was always seeking out new information and learn more about designing, by researching and networking with others. But, I wouldn't call myself a pro or anything but I would call myself a designated designer.


    Eventually, I had the privilege of coming to Canada. Although, the process of coming to Canada was not easy at all for me. But thankfully I made it to Canada and I became grateful as Canada had given me the opportunity to study and attend school for information technology.  As time went on, I would use those same designs I had on paper and put them on t-shirts and had close friends wear them. From there on, my friends would request for more designs and some of their own designs as they loved my work and began being paid for my designs. I then would use the money to pay my way through school and also create more designs from there. This was that moment, Cjays Apparel was born. I wanted to be that guy that would make people's ideas and images and turn them into reality. All designs I would create, i would add a little signature look into it by adding a logo to it. My signature was my  motivational work, as I added motivational quotes on my t-shirts and would later be put on sweatshirts, hoodies and caps. Many designs included, weather themes, humour and casual work.


    I eventually put my IT and Designing into one and created an online store where everyone can select a designed garment  and/or even request to customize a design they have and get it delivered to their home. I started off with a Canadian website and have now created a global online store for everyone.  This design business idea started from when my mom had seen my creative work and believed in me. I took that same advice from my mother and presented it to the world, where later people will grow to love. we include motivational and biblical scriptures, humorous quotes , african designs; and trendy material on our garments . This is also a means of promoting the African culture.



Cjaysapparel  represent unity, love and Hope, dedicated to raising funds to help the less privileged children worldwide. Our priority (End goal) is to reach out to as much less privileged children worldwide.At the same time bringing all race and ethnicity together  We thank you in advance as you patronize us. 

Vision for Unity: Bringing every race into one website 


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